Welcome to the Advertising Revolution

The Naked Brand is a story about how corporations can help save the planet one small step at a time. It's an introduction to a bright new future where companies tell the truth and work hard to create better products and a better planet.

Corporations have incredible influence on the world we live in and that's given them free reign to pollute, collude and mislead us, but advances in technology are rapidly making them accountable not just to shareholders, but to everyone. Now that we have constant access to the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them, big brands are realizing that looking great isn't enough. It's time to actually be great.

About the Filmmakers

Jeff Rosenblum
Director, Writer and Producer

Jeff Rosenblum is a pioneer, a disruptor, an innovator and a pain in the ass. He is widely regarded as one of the leading innovators in the field of digital marketing and has worked on teams that have fundamentally changed market research, magazine publishing, sports broadcasting as well as advertising.

As the founding partner of Questus, Jeff focuses on developing processes that break down the boundaries that exist between research, strategy and creative. He has brought this multi-disciplinary philosophy to help the Questus team produce industry-changing results for leading brands like Capital One, General Mills, The NFL and Suzuki Motorcycles.

Every few years, Jeff likes to take on an insane challenge which has culminated in him getting repeatedly punched in the face in the "Vermont Toughman Competition," running an Olympic distance triathlon with no training, hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where he decided to start an advertising agency despite the fact that he had never even been in one before and making a documentary despite never actually watching one in its entirety.

Jeff is a Co-Chair of the Leadership Council of the Make a Wish Foundation and lives in New York City with his wife and two kids. He is currently soliciting ideas for his next insane challenge on Twitter: @jrquestus.

Sherng-Lee Huang
Director and Writer

Sherng-Lee has written and directed short films that have screened at the SXSW Film Festival and on the front pages of YouTube and Myspace (30 million online views). As a cinematographer, he has filmed in the war zone in Burma, refugee camps in Bangladesh, slums in India and Mexico, villages in Kenya, and police boats in the Florida Keys.

As a new media producer, Sherng-Lee has launched web video series for Rocketboom (300,000 daily views) and Next New Networks, as well as branded entertainment series for American Express and Thrillist.

A typical conversation between Sherng-Lee and Jeff Rosenblum goes like this:

Jeff: I think we're about 80 percent done with this movie.
Sherng-Lee: Let's see where we are in a couple of weeks.

Repeat that conversation fifty times and you have a documentary film.

About the Producers

Jordan Berg

Jordan Berg brings over a decade of advertising experience to Questus. Recognized for his dynamic brand-building innovation and thinking across multi-disciplined teams and marketing channels, Jordan has recently completed projects for world-class brands such as Verizon, Suzuki, Reuters, Capital One, Disney and ESPN.

Jordan has received many of the industries top honors from leading organizations including The Webby’s, Web Marketing Association and Communication Arts. Jordan is a regular contributor to Fox Business, iMedia Connection, Media Magazine and speaks at national conferences—including ad:tech and SHOP.ORG.

Jordan makes his home in San Francisco and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Vermont and Masters Studies from the San Francisco Academy of Art.

Joseph Dumont

As Partner of Questus, Joseph's primary responsibilities are to pursue and grow key client and partner relationships while elevating awareness about the agency. With his deep understanding of management, technology, and business, Joseph plays a critical role in helping to realize the overall vision and growth of Questus.

Joseph is currently working with many industry-leading-brands such as Verizon, Disney, ABC, and Suzuki. He sits on the advisory board of iMedia and is a frequent guest speaker at industry events including iMedia, Adtech, Mediapost, and Hollywood Digital.

Prior to joining Questus, Joseph was the Managing Partner and Corporate Vice President of Birdsall Interactive, a California based interactive Marketing Agency. While there Joseph led new business development and management of clients like Hitachi, Peoplesoft, Palm, Cisco and Sony Electronics.


The original score is by award-winning composer Jacob Cooper.

The soundtrack features contributions from Anthony Robustelli, Russell Beach, Dave Carroll, Loop 2.4.3, Harri Best, and State Shirt.

Brandon Sugiyama designed the motion graphics.