Alex Bogusky: Founder of COMMON, Creative Director of the Decade
"Being a great company is the new brand, because there isn't going to be anything between you and the reality of that company."

Tony Hsieh: Chief Executive Officer, Zappos
"Brand and culture are just two sides of the same coin. The brand is just a lagging indication of the culture. Now that everyone is hyper-connected and information travels so fast, the lag time between brand and culture is becoming less and less."

Shaquille O'Neal: Four-time NBA Champion, 15-time NBA All-Star
"When I was first starting out, I met with a bunch of suits who wanted to create my image. Those who have their image created never last long. I told them from day one, 'Image is reality. What you see is what you get.'"

Kevin Plank: Chief Executive Officer / Founder, Under Armour
"The definition of advertising is changing. It's no longer built by 'those who spend the most money, win.' It's built by those who have the best product."

Yvon Chouinard: Founder, Patagonia
"Those who don't stick their necks out, who are afraid to take risks, who play it safe — they lose it all in the end."

Keith Weed: Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Unilever
"In the digital world, a brand is judged by what it says, but more importantly by what it does. Advertising can introduce a brand to new consumers, but ultimately, a brand is judged by how it acts."

Dara O'Rourke: Co-Founder, GoodGuide
"You can't control the message anymore and you can't ignore the message anymore. If you think you can ignore it, you are not long for your current job."

Dr. AK Pradeep: Founder, Neurofocus
"Advertising is going to change because we are going to become part of the consumer's experience—one they actually look forward to."

Porter Gale: Former Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin America
"Advertising definitely can't bullshit people anymore."

Bonin Bough: Former Senior Global Director of Digital & Social Media, Pepsi, Co.
"We have to break down this notion of advertising as a command and control paradigm. What used to work no longer works, and here's what's crazy: it used to work for a hundred years. But in the last twenty years, everything has changed."

Rajiv Srinivasan: U.S. Military veteran and activist
"Consumers are three dimensional, and they seek out three dimensional narratives of the products they're interested in. They're no longer swayed by the one dimensional report offered by advertisements."

Joel Stein: Time Magazine
"I saw a Google ad. I don't know why they are taking out ads. There are so many amazing products they have developed without advertising. If you have a superior product, I don't think you need advertising. The Google print ad made me feel like they were stupid."

Julia Allison: TV Correspondent and Syndicated Columnist
"To create an evangelist, deliver unexpected triumphs of customer service."

Amy Krajeski: Product Reviewer Read Over One Million Times
"You would think, knowing that people are talking about their products online, companies would make better products. But there's still a lot of crap out there."

Peter Sims: Author of Little Bets
"Brands are just collections of little experiences. It's not about creating a big branding campaign. It's about creating the small moments that build the brand from the bottom up. It's not from the top down."