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Bonin Bough, Former Sr. Global Director of Digital and Social Media for Pepsi Co., has set the bar for major corporations to turn socially-conscious. One of his major initiatives, the Pepsi Refresh Project, vowed to donate $20 million for great charity ideas. Pepsi is funding amazing ideas that refresh the world. Dream it, submit it, get enough votes and they'll help make it happen for your community!
Voting has currently ended but check out the winners.

Dr. A.K. Pradeep states that he started NeuroFocus as a way to provide answers to his marketing clients who were frustrated in their inability to accurately predict consumer responses. Neuromarketing studies consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to different marketing tactics. Understand more about this breakthrough research.

Zappos Chief Executive Officer, Tony Hsieh, has built his brand around top-notch customer service and creating the best work environment for his employees. His fun and intuitive outlook on online shopping has grown Zappos into the largest online shoe store in America. To see how his consumers really feel, take a peek at their testimonials.

Dara O'Rourke founded GoodGuide with the intention of giving consumers real information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of products they are buying. Before you buy that deodorant, make sure there are no ingredients causing skin or sense organ toxicity. And before you pull that light bulb off the shelf, make sure you aren't releasing dangerous mercury into the environment. See if you've been hurting yourself or the environment at GoodGuide.

In a world of skeptic buyers, Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles, led by Jill Dumain, gives buyers a clear understanding of the good and the bad aspects associated with their clothing. Instead of trying to hide the negatives from their consumers, Patagonia lays all the facts on the table and allows people to form an educated opinion for themselves. This new way of connecting to consumers can be found at

Alex Bogusky, one of the most influential ad men of our generation, has recently launched a new venture, COMMON, with the goal of "reshaping capitalism by fostering business innovation in different and unusual ways." COMMON's mission is to foster an ecosystem of interconnected creative and collaborative people, businesses, organizations and communities dedicated to designing positive social change. Learn more about joining Bogusky's creative approach to social-consciousness.

Unilever's Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, has put social responsibility at the top of his to-do list. Their Sustainable Living Plan aims to help everyone enjoy a good quality of life while respecting the planet.
View their plan.

Rajiv Srinivasan, U.S. Military vet and activist, has written many powerful articles for the likes of the New York Times, PBS's Regarding War series, and Time Magazine. His mission to bring fairness and equality to struggling war veterans has been made a reality through job-placement programs and frequent speaking engagements all over America. Read his most recent article in TIME.

Kevin Plank, Under Armour's Chief Executive Officer, is actively involved with the Wounded Warrior Project. This charity honors and empowers wounded warriors who incurred service-connected injures on or after September 11, 2001.
Learn more about giving your time and energy to this great cause. Also, donations can be made here.